Everyone who wants to start working on their own and open their own business should learn some basic steps that will ensure the right start . Do not be afraid of a huge amount of formalities, because proper preparation, can reduce them to a minimum and make opening a one-man business happen quickly and without any problems.

Where to start?

Sole proprietorship is a legal form that is characterized by the fastest, easiest and free registration . It does not require share capital, it allows simplified bookkeeping, it gives you the chance to take advantage of various types of subsidies and concessions, such as lower social security contributions for 24 months. Before starting your own business, you should consider what form of taxation will be the most advantageous for us. This may be a PIT tax on general terms, a linear PIT, a lump sum on registered income or a tax card. The next step to start the business is choosing PKD. The abbreviation PKD means the Polish Classification of Economic Activities, and the individual codes are used in statistics, records, documentation, accounting and official registers and information systems of public administration. On the basis of the PKD code, the REGON number is also assigned in the register of national economy units. The PKD code is chosen when completing the business registration application – CEIDG-1. In order to determine the corresponding code, the website of the Central Statistical Office, where the full classification of PKD codes is available, may be helpful.

accounting Office

accounting Office

Each entrepreneur is obliged to keep accounts . In the case of a one-man business, you can take care of the accounts yourself, but without proper knowledge on this subject, it can be a difficult and time-consuming task. It is worth taking advantage of the services of a professional accounting office, whose employees will not only help when completing the first formalities, but also will keep the finances of the company at a later time. In the CEIDG application you should provide the office, which will keep the company’s financial records, but when we are not sure who we entrust this task to – we indicate that we will do it ourselves, and after establishing cooperation with the accounting office, we complete the data in the CEIDG entry .

Completing the CEIDG application

Entry to the Central Register and Information on Business Activity can be made through the company website gov.pl. This application is also a request for assigning a REGON number, sending or indicating a tax identification number (if it has not been previously given). If the person submitting the application did not have a previously assigned NIP and REGON number, it will be assigned automatically when the application is accepted. There is also a choice of the form of taxation and registration of the insurance contribution payer for ZUS. This form can also be filled in and submitted to the relevant municipal office. Entry of the company in CEIDG should appear from 1 to 3 days after submitting the application.

Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office

Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office

If the entrepreneur setting up a business had a tax identification number, it remains unchanged for sole proprietorship. If you decide to be an active VAT-tax, you should submit a VAT-R form to the Tax Office. When it is prepared, the previously selected accounting office can help. In ZUS, however, the ZUA print should be completed if business is our only source of income. If, however, we are simultaneously employed on a contract of employment, in which we earn above the minimum national salary, we also complete the ZZA printing. These forms should be submitted to any ZUS branch no later than 7 days from the date of starting the activity.

Company account and stamp

A bank account and a stamp are also very important elements that can not be forgotten when setting up a sole proprietorship. Of course, as to the possession of a stamp, there is no legal requirement , but it turns out to be convenient and useful when filling in any company documents. The stamp should contain: full name of the company along with the name of the owner, address, NIP and REGON, and optionally – telephone, e-mail, website address.

An account in a bank is an individual matter, but it is worth to read and compare offers of various types

to choose an account ideally suited to your needs. It is worth paying attention to the amount of fees related to account maintenance, transfers, withdrawals, payments, fees for obtaining a card for the account and the location of branches and ATMs of the selected bank. A convenient solution may be to set up a company account via the Internet.

To work!

Following the above guidelines, the process of starting a business can be really problem-free. Appropriate knowledge and preparation as well as possible help from experienced accountants will certainly help during the start. After getting through the first stage, you can see that the formalities involved are not so terrible. Later, there is only a focus on achieving your business goals and achieving successes !