The SMEO company from the very beginning of its existence guarantees entrepreneurs quick access to capital through immediate financing of revenue invoices. The offer is addressed to small and medium enterprises and to freelancers. Last year, the company became a forerunner in the field of factoring for startups in Poland. This year, SMEO does not slow down the pace and launches a new project – financing for limited liability companies with a one-man representation. More exposition at

Micro-enterprises and small companies, by CSO information from 2017, account for nearly 89% of all enterprises in Poland. Modern fintech, which is SMEO meets the market demand and develops an offer not only for sole proprietorships, but also for small companies. They account for over 10% of all enterprises in Poland.

“About 40 percent of questions about the offer from potential new customers came from companies. Until now we had to send them back with a receipt “- says Michał Pawlik, SMEO president.

What exactly is factoring?

It is a service that significantly improves the functioning of business and ensures financial liquidity. Probably many entrepreneurs met with delay from the contractor regarding the payment of the invoice. In a situation where an entrepreneur can not wait for payment and needs money immediately – factoring comes in handy. This is a method of “frostbite” waiting on the invoice issued. The entrepreneur sends a scan or a picture of an unpaid invoice to SMEO, after which within 15 minutes he receives the money due to his account. The transferred amount is reduced by a commission. It is calculated only for the period of financing of this specific invoice (the number of days is counted from transferring money to the account until the date of payment of the invoice).

Factoring for the company – regardless of its size

From December 2018, thanks to SMEO, startups and newly established companies may use the factoring option. This service is available to them from the first issued invoice.

“We want to help young people develop their businesses. Until now, SMEO made it possible to pay invoices to companies that existed for at least six months. For the last 10 months, however, we have acquired a great deal of experience in recognizing the expectations of small Polish companies. And what is important, we have been constantly developing our technology, especially self-learning anti-fraud systems. Thanks to this, we are now able to help companies immediately after opening their operations. “- translator Michał Pawlik.

In the case of companies, confirmation of at least half-year activity will be necessary. Here, there is still a greater risk of fraud, and this is confirmed by a large number of high-profile cases related to extortion of loans or VAT. SMEO owners ensure that they are perfectly prepared to verify each entity. The company uses its proprietary anti-fraud system, using, among others, data from social media and other sources. As a result, the company is able to detect and eliminate most attempts of any fraud.