Synthesis of the business plan

 Synthesis of the business plan


The main activity of the company is “offering the best quality services in the field of agritourism so that it will lead the market in the area. »This involves: hosting tourists for a certain period of time, full board (3 meals a day) or half board (2 meals a day) and additional services.

Some mini-objectives include: popularizing the area, highlighting the richness and traditions of the village, increasing the level of education and culture among the eight-person inhabitants.

The building already exists, but is not designed for such an activity and the investment will be aimed at its development according to the standards in force.

Depending on the characteristics of the construction, the quality of the facilities and services offered, the rural tourism pension should be classified and given a number of daisies. The classification has as a priority the protection of tourists, being a codified form of presentation of the level of comfort and the quality of services offered. Classification is done by the Ministry of Tourism.

Business description

Business description

The basic product is the accommodation conditions, which are at the highest level for this type of tourism. The rooms are equipped with carefully finished wooden furniture, internet, TV, private bathroom, hot water. This product includes services provided by local guides that provide traditional means of transport. At the same time they will guide tourists in hiking or visiting the area, they will take care of the tourists (fire, pottery, pottery, hunting, fishing etc.)

As additional services we can offer the following:
Useful Services:
– postal services, telecommunication, internet and advertising;
Comfort services:
– rentals (radio sets, refrigerators, TVs, extra beds, etc.).

Recreational Services:
– sports services (renting bikes, canoeing and boats, organizing trips, setting out areas for outdoor sports practicing: gymnastics, bedminton, volleyball, football, minigolf, etc.);
– hiking and outdoor activities
– various other services (swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, massage, etc.).

Market definition

Market definition


Although domestic and international tourism in Romania shows a strong downward trend (mainly due to the decrease in the purchasing power of the population, on the one hand, and the decrease of the interest of the foreign visitors, on the other), the rural tourism has taken a very large in Romania after 1990 and especially in recent years.

This situation is largely due to the involution of the classic hotel system, the moral wear and tear of equipment and equipment, high prices and improper services. As a result, agritourism emerged as a viable alternative to which more and more tourists have gone.

On the territory of the country there is a great variety of accommodation, starting with small ones (for 2-3 persons) up to those that can accommodate over 100 people. Most of the rural tourism units offer a package of services – accommodation and meals, the latter in the form of half board or full board.

In larger or smaller proportions, some hostels also offer a range of additional services: telephone, TV, bath or shower, washing machine, sports ground, rental of sports equipment, etc.
These hostels stretch, with small exceptions, across the country, with a higher or lower density depending on the beauty of the area, the conditions, the financial possibilities and the involvement of central and local authorities in the area development.


Rural tourism addresses both Romanian and foreign clients.

The most appealing segment of this type of service is that of second-age and, to a lesser extent, third-age people. They prefer the silence of such guesthouses, instead of the noise and agitation of the busy resorts on the seashore or the Prahova Valley, for example. Young people should not be neglected, but their share is lower, precisely because of their preference for the sea or the mountain, for the agitated places.

Foreign tourists who are most interested in agritourism are those interested in knowing the history and traditions of Romania by visiting some picturesque areas of a special beauty that preserve ancient customs related to: the architecture of the houses, the harbor, the traditional crafts, the gastronomic specialties.

From the financial point of view, those who use these services fall within the category of medium and small mediums, taking into account that rural tourism requires less money than accommodation in the hotel system. The category of high-income tourists who prefer agritourism out of curiosity or leisure should not be totally excluded.

This plan is addressed to second-and third-year clients, both Romanians and foreigners. Types of people with regular income, but as mentioned before do not exclude people with increased venturi, the quality of services maintaining the highest standards for the type of business and the geographical area, regardless of the customers.

As you can see, most counties with tourism potential are well represented in this chapter. However, there are enough untapped resources, given the huge possibilities Romania offers through the variety of relief and the picturesque nature. This does not mean that the above areas are untouchable, only that the opening of a new rural tourism unit in the respective regions is more difficult, requiring services of impeccable quality, as well as prices that can overcome the particularly strong competition.

Faced with direct competition with units of the same profile, indirect competition with other forms of tourism in the geographical area should also be considered, which may lead to the increase or decrease of the rural tourism market share.

Last year, there was an extensive process of privatization of tourist units, among which the private ownership of many seaside hotels.

These have been acquired by private firms or business people who will start as soon as large investment programs. Depending on the effects of all these recent events, the strengths in tourism can change one way or the other.


Marketing plan

Marketing plan


An important method of promoting rural tourism is the quality of the services offered, which is the satisfaction of tourists, which can turn them into loyal customers.

Moreover, they can recommend the guesthouse to which they felt good to other people and, through this verbal advert, the occupancy rate can increase considerably.

Of course, the existence of an Internet site that draws attention to the existence of the pension and to popularize its offer is always welcome. Less efficient is proving costly promotion (written press, radio, TV), which often does not justify the very high costs through efficiency gains. Exceptions are made by journals or shows about travel, tourism, etc.

The advertising methods used will be: registration on tourism sites and portals in Romania, building a site, advertising appearances in the local publications, as well as national magazines and publications, especially those with tourist specifics.

Another classical advertising method for a boarding house would be where one employee of the pension will go to the station and advertise so as to guide the tourists to the hostel; will ensure their transport from the station to the hostel.

Advertisements will also be used by travel agencies, which can provide advertising.

Upon arrival, customers will receive a dossier with all the information about the hostel, the map of the area, the entertainment program that will be spoiled in the guesthouse and where they can take part. Discounts will be provided for children and loyal customers.

On departure, tourists will receive a souvenir from the guest house.

Accommodation sheets have a heading for the email address, so new offers will be sent to the email addresses of the clients.

Organization and management of the firm

Organization and management of the firm


For the proper functioning of the pension the necessary staff consists of:

  • a manager
  • a chef
  • a chef’s help
  • a housekeeper
  • a guide for hiking, pottery, etc.

The management will be executed by the company’s manager, who is also the only associate graduate of the Faculty of Business and of the Faculty of General Economics.

In front of state, third party and judicial authorities, the company is represented by the employee as a collaborator because it has all the skills necessary to act on behalf of the company. At the same time, he can act to authorize acts and management operations and any acts of disposition. The manager opens accounts in lei and foreign currency and can use the financial funds of the company.


The space for the tourist board consists of:
– a building with rooms for rent, consisting of eight bedrooms with two beds, eight bathrooms with shower and toilet, a living room used as a dining room and a kitchen;
– a building composed of two bedrooms for the patron’s family, a bathroom, a laundry room and a room to be used to store food supplies;
– a land used for growing vegetables;
– parking for eight cars.

Each bedroom has an area of ​​14 square meters (double rooms). Access to the bedrooms and bathrooms is direct, without going through other rooms.

The guesthouse must be provided with the utilities imposed by the tourism norms, namely electric lighting, natural lighting, local heating, sewerage network and running water.

The front plan focuses on a boarding house with eight rooms. For four of them, investments will be made to purchase adequate furniture, to equip the toilet rooms with modern sanitary facilities and to equip the kitchen with all necessary equipment.

We believe that the other four bedrooms are already properly equipped.

Also, the pension is provided with telephone, fax and internet, which will be made available to tourists.

Meals will be served 3 times a day for those who have chosen a meal, and for those with half board, the meal will be served twice a day. The meals are: breakfast 08.00 – 10.00, lunch 13.00 – 15.00, dinner: 18.00 – 20.00 with the possibility of adaptation depending on the duration of the hiking or the programs taking place within the pension or in the area. The menu will be chosen by the tourists when the reservation is made. They will choose from the list of menus the dishes.