This company aims at facilitating and intermediating large transactions of luxury land and real estate. see for more notes

Our mission is to create an attractive and efficient environment for real estate investors.

From a very rich database, we offer our clients high-end real estate. Our company will deal exclusively with large and luxury real estate transactions. We aspire to gain a reputation on the market as a fair and efficient intermediary. We can achieve this by clear understanding of market trends and needs and adaptability to market demands.

To achieve our goal, our company needs capital, managerial talent, and adequate advertising.

Our goal is to become leaders in the luxury real estate market and to create a brand that will lead to expansion in other cities

Business description

Business description

In the big cities, the real estate market is extremely well represented, although it is a relatively young one, its beginnings dating back to 1994 -1995.

Currently, there are two main categories of operators on the market:

  • well-known companies (a relatively small number) – representing either branches of foreign or local companies – with annual turnover of hundreds of thousands of dollars, covering a significant segment of clients (especially from the business environment – multinational companies);
  • medium / small firms / agencies (a very large number), who are disputing their remaining market share – especially aimed at a “neighborhood” market.

Within our company, each agent will fill in the database with the requests and offers extracted from the software, then combine the demand with the offer. The agents will go to the field and watch the offers, take pictures, find out all the details regarding the building and prepare the file for each building.

The file of each building includes: the type of building, the area, the detailed description, the pictures of the building, the drafts, information about the property acts. The agent will wear appropriate clothing to give him the strength, protect the interests of both clients, taking into account the legal provisions in the field, harmonize the interests of both clients in order to conclude the business. The conclusion of the pre-contract or of the sale-purchase contract will be made by the notary in the presence of the agent. In the case of lease agreements, the agent accompanies the client to the Financial Administration for registration. Each customer will sign the viewing contract that provides for the loyalty of the client for the real estate you are viewing and the commission.

Market definition

Market definition

The determinants of our service are the extremely rich database and our highly competent and serious agents. Our service is unique in that it focuses exclusively on luxury buildings and we have an advantage on the market because loans are not an impediment to our clients and the promise of our services.

Description of products and services

Description of products and services

Pac Imobil makes offers to potential customers and deals with all details of the transaction.

There are other companies on the market that can offer similar services, but we are able to differentiate ourselves on the market because we focus exclusively on luxury buildings.

Our service is unique because it focuses exclusively on the luxury market and we have an advantage on the market due to our clientele and our promptness.


Marketing plan

Depending on size and reputation, real estate agencies are targeting different customer segments:

  • The big ones share a market where the main clients are: multinational firms, banks or very high incomes. This market has been on the rise since 2000 due to increased investment in the economy.
  • The medium and small struggle for a better share in the market segment represented by small and medium-sized firms and individuals. This market has an oscillating evolution, depending on the area, and forecasts for the future foresee an upward trend in demand, especially in the context of the development of supermarket chains, malls and hypermarkets, which attract a special frenzy of the real estate market.


A newly established real estate agency does not have the opportunity to compete with the big forces in the field, on large-scale projects. This is why competitors will be small businesses targeting the customer segment described above.

To succeed in a new business on this market, we need to consider issues related to the diversification of supply over competition – that’s why relatively small size companies have begun to offer integrated products (from the real estate transaction itself to the assistance needed to complete all the documents related to a transaction).

The small size firm is able to provide assistance in all stages of a transaction (Financial Administration, Cadastre, Notary, etc.), so its chances to gain ground in front of the competition increase.

The large real estate companies offer besides these facilities many other services, including: feasibility studies, topo surveys, technical expertise, real estate consultancy, construction and interior design.


The promotion of real estate services consists mainly of ads placed in central / local newspapers, magazines or brochures addressed to businessmen (such as those distributed free of charge in airports or hotels), other press appearances.

In many cases, however, in Romania, the “advertising” in the sphere of real estate intermediation – especially in the case of relatively small agencies – is limited to “flyers” spread in post boxes, poles or billboards. Such promotion has the advantage that it is very cheap, but on the other hand it has a limited effect and often creates a certain reluctance among many “recipients”.

Organization and management of the firm

The company’s headquarters is represented by a 4-room apartment, one of which is for the manager, two rooms are used for the agents to process the data, and a third room is for the discussions with the clients. The building also features a bathroom and two hallways. The company headquarters has access to water and sanitation, district heating, electricity and the Internet.

In order to work under the best conditions, the company needs 5 computers as follows: one placed in the director’s office and the other 4 for the employees. Other necessary products are office supplies, a fixed telephone, fax, printer and mobile phones.